Pedophiles are "superhuman"

I'm not talking about Superman or Ironman, but about the quality that makes humans different from other animals.

The superpower of humans is the ability to make well thought through decisions. Well, most of the time. Humans still follow gut feelings and are somewhat irrational. I blame this irrationality on the dwindling human instincts. The weaker the instincts the less are decision influenced by gut feelings. Hence the weaker the instincts get, the more human one becomes. As it seems the human instincts are not equally strong in everybody.

There was it on the news the other day that a women got raped late at night and the guy didn't remembered it due to being drunk. Alcohol lowers inhibition and cognition and irrationality takes over. One could say that this guy had more than the normal amount of instincts and behaved more like an animal. So this is an example for a variation to the stronger side. How does a variation to the weaker side look like? If instincts are too weak, then some behavioral development will be affected. One of such behaviors is for boys to get an attraction to women during puberty. Common for all paraphilias is that one does not develop a healthy heterosexual orientation. Hence, if one looks for a cause of a particular paraphilia, one should look what prevented heterosexual development in the first place.

My theory is that dwindling human instincts are responsible for paraphilias. A process related to neoteny is responsible for instincts getting so weak that gut feelings do not much influence human decisions. This is the process that makes us human. Since this weakens instincts in pedophiles, they certainly must be superhuman.

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