Kids don't want sex from adults

If this statement comes from a heterosexual married man, it possibly is true. One has to taken into account the limited understanding a heterosexual man has about sex. Just to remind you, having sex means a lot of preparation. First, one has to find out if PMS is far away. Second, women like to have it romantic, just a movie is not longer enough. Probably a nice dinner at a fancy place will put her into the right mind. And no, McDonalds does not count. Finally home after endless forced smalltalk, one should not forget foreplay. Being direct equals being a jerk. After getting the final go signal from the lady, there might be a minute or two of the fun. Hopefully, there is no talk afterwards and one gets the well deserved sleep.

Do you know any kid, who wants that? Of course not. Hence, the heterosexual is right in his statement, and does not know how wrong he is. Kids are born with zero knowledge about intimacy and sexuality. But they are born with a soft skin, which is one continuous erogenous zone. Even tickling the nose produces that funny feeling in the stomach. They like that and want it as often as possible. Getting physical affection creates the feeling of belonging together and being cared for. In addition, they couldn't care less about that artificial demarcation line, which for adults divides intimacy from sexuality. Kids know what they want. And if they want something, they want it now, this very instant. If you don't believe me, just take one kid to the candy shelf. If you can't borrow a child, just stand there and wait for the disaster to happen, you probably don't have to wait long. Moreover, they let you know quite clearly when they no longer want something. One can simply not miss it. If you doubt me, try feeding them brokoli and wear sound protection. How an adult came up with the idea that kids don't know what they want, is simply incomprehensible to me.

The problem of communicating ideas with words is that they mean different things to different people. When the concept of sexuality got reduced to procreation, much of it's richness got lost - at least for heterosexuals.

So please, next time, when you talk to heterosexuals about the needs kids have, remember this! Use simple words and avoid the one term, for which they have a totally screwed understanding!


  1. What is wrong with you? Spending time with kids and being a parent and a godparent has taught me about children. They are not sexual objects for a sick rapist to use up. Pedophiles like yourself should be permanently committed to a institution. You fail to think passed your selfish desires. Kids don't need to have sex. The world we live in kids actally deal with real problemsoon and not getting raped by your sick kind isn't one of them. Plenty of adults grow up with having sex as children and they turn healthy. Children that are sexual abused tend to have problems. I worked at a rehab clinic with women. Most were sexual used and abused as girls. Your kind only desires to hypersexualize kids and use them
    You don't care of the child doesn't have enough to eat, does not have a good education, if they are physically healthy, if they are being bullied, if they are dealing with self esteem issues etc. Your only true concern is using them sexually. The best option for people like you is to leave the country or to kill yourself. You drain society and want to destroy the lives of future generations with your sick desires. Your kind even knows you are sick because you always are anonymous cowards.

  2. If you actually had read my post, you would have understand that i'm discussing intimacy and sex from the viewpoint of a child. Doing so takes me past "children as sexual objects" line. It is also not about me, but about children - how can that be selfish?

    You state without any evidence that it is my desire to rape children. And then you ask me to kill myself. You are a true vigilant. You claim to protect children but you are bullying others online. You are way worse than me. I'm sure that you have not been a good parent, but have emotional abuse your children to get to your goals. You are a bully.