When the secret gets out

Rind and Yuill in 2012 published a paper in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior. It is an academic paper but with some estonishing fact. That means estonishing for the mainstream westerners. Currently there is a moral panic going on. Every contact between children and adults is punished, if it is even remotely considered inappropriate. And this makes the reading of the paper even more interesting.

Now, I got your attention. In the second half, they analyzed the occurance of mature-imature homosexuality. This is the stuff that has been going on in ancient Greece, Zeus kidnapping Ganymed is only a minor example. And the result is: every culture cited has been cultivating this MIMH. Under pressure of Christianity and colonial power this behavior ceased. In some sense, the Christian dogma that child-adult sexual relations are doomed to be damaging, is an outlier. That this is indead weird has been subject to a paper about WEIRD people. The assumption, that the current western attitude towards sex is normal, is actually totally abnormal.

Pedophilia can be seen in animals too: in cats and in bonobos, where the last example is actually reverse mounting, where the little one mounts the bigger one. Now, that is crazy, why would a animal equivalent of a child engage in a sexual behavior, when everybody knows, that children are asexual.

Actually, this is not really true. Prof. Klaus Beier from kein-Täter-werden program at the Charité mentioned in one interview the following fact. Children tend to show a sexualized behavior if the are exposed to family stress. So much to the presumed asexuality of children.

Fa'afafine have rised the interest of researches. This third gender shows androphilic attraction, but never to each other. Third gender groups exist in many cultures around the world.

What has all this in common? Kinky sex, what do you think? Nope, it is about social relations. Men do not have a baculum while women have concealed ovulation, both are a disadvantage in procreation. Human evolution just declares the Christian dogma of sex as a ridiculus thing. Sex is supposed to be fun, because joined fun makes live together possible.

What made the baculum disappear? It's not the choosy woman.

Human have conquered the earth 200 000 years ago. Do you think they traveled alone? Ok, they formed tribes. Natural disasters and warfare have erased many tribes.

The real question is: how do new tribes get formed?

Who is setting off? Why is he setting off? Who was selecting fellows for his new tribe? Who did he select? How did they got selected? How did they ensure that they got selected? Whom did they follow? 

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