Uncle Chester becomes king - in the making

Abstract for those who don't read a lot

Assumptions in this blogg
  • human sexuality is the base of all relationship building urges
    • if urge is not satisfied, it gets sexualized
  • paedophilia is not a brain disfunction, but a latent mechanism in most males, which under certain circumstances gets triggered
    • its primary aim is not a sexual one
    • in ancient times it was a phase in adolesence, supporting the spin-off of new tribes and their survival
  • paedophilic behavior in adolescents has evolutionary advantages
  • this genetic coded behavior gets into conflict with current social norms, stopping the sexual development of the affected
  • Paedophilia can be thought as dyslexia of psycho-sexual development (orig. by M. Griesemer)
  • most if not all discovered biological differences are not causes, but consequences of the halted development
Proposed development of paedophilia
  • boy perceives current living situation as unsatisfying for future live, this triggers a reaction
  • in ancient times, the boy entering puberty assembles a fellowship of selected like-minded boys
    • several factors prefer prepubescent, fully able, good looking, interested ones
    • the fellowship conquers new territory and settles
    • settlement enables transition into adult behavior
    • human sexuality as being different from mammals plays an important role in social dynamics
  • today's social limits prevent success of the paedophilic reaction
    • children can not leave their families and are forced to stay
    • the boy faces cognitive dissonance between required family live and triggered reaction, this forces development of cognitive distortions
    • the missing establishment of own fellowship stops further social development
    • chasing prepubescent boys manifests itself as a sexual orientation due to the relationship enforcing nature of human sexuality


Human sexuality is much different from mammals, which has consequences for human society.Sexual arousal initiates relationships that are beneficial, but is not always aimed at intercourse. Current phenomenon of paedophilia can be understood as a behavior that is triggered by childhood factors but can not play out as in ancient times, where a new tribe was assembled from selected persons.This behavior should have made transition into adult sexuality possible, but is prohibited by current social norms.The effects resemble dyslexia of the psycho-sexual development.  


Researchers are looking into biological causes for paedophilia and that rises the question, if this is a genetic abnormality. However, a second question must be asked immediately. If so, why didn't evolution eliminated paedophilia, since screwing boys does not keep genes around.This question was addressed in the Uncle Chester theory, which appeared on the internet as the story of "The descent of Chester by ironclad". The story is aimed at paedophiles and funny to read, however it was not very convincing. Evolution did happen over a longer period than just few hundred years, and in those ages the social conditions were different.The social stuff of humanity makes human evolution too different in order to derive explanations from other species. Uncle Chester probably had own offspring, which must have benefited from Chester's paedophile traits.

Child molesters are just being asshole and not paedophiles

From ancient times on we were in need to expect certain behavior from our fellows for us to be able to find the right course of our own decisions and actions.Somehow a community has to make up rules to make co-existence predictable. But we have to find out if our fellows are following all rules, then we have to test them.
Testing fellows is necessary to establish trust, and taboos seem to play a central role in establishing trust. Usually we make fun of taboos of other cultures, claiming to be completely free of such non-sense. Nothing could be farther from the truth, also the modern society carries a lot of social taboos. Men traveling to third world countries in order to screw young children are seeking the forbidding thrill and exotic sex. Sex with children currently is a social taboo and like every other taboo it is enticing to break it.

Other child molesters seek out a weak partner in order to release frustration.They are members of a community where they are dominated without the right to dominate others.Without a supporting family, where they feel appreciated, they turn to dominating children in order to avoid the depressing fact of being at the bottom of the social hierarchy.

Child molesters are different from paedophile in that they often are psychopathic and anti-social, while paedophiles make great efforts to groom children.The Oprah list of "how to spot a paedophile" contains entries that should be mandatory for every parent. This blogg is about those.

What is so special about humans?

First of all, we have a brain which needs about 20% of all energy when the body is resting. Reptiles can shutdown most of their bodies, which would cause severe damages in a human.What comes as a genetic coded instinct in reptiles must be learned by humans. And this includes most of sexuality. However, sexuality is repressed nowadays.

Women can no longer distinguish between a sexual assault and a statement of sexual interest. The term "visual aggression" describes open admiration. And the only word for sex in English is rape. The ancient Greeks were known to have more words for sex than miss Smilla has names for snow. Probably the most astonishing fact for adults to know is that humans males are the only ones without a penis bone. So strong is evolution that it even sacrifices an advantage for procreation if it makes sense in a greater scheme. But this is a minor fact compared to the concealed ovulation in females and its effect on the human evolution.

Role of sex

Today, only specialist know of the 16 different function sex has. The Christian church claims that the only legitimate role of sex is procreation. Nature disagrees, as there is the phenomenon in humans called concealed ovulation. This phenomenon is restricted to humans and very few other species. Also, concealed ovulation seems to encourage promiscuous mating leading to multi-male communities. Moreover, humans do not have a fixed schedule of mating and births spreading the cost of early child rearing over the whole year. And mating goes on all year round. Evolution even enhanced human semen with a cocktail of ingredients, hormones and other beneficial components including anti-depressants. No surprise that females have an addition for sex. 

The concealed nature leads to a disadvantage for men, who now have to engage the females at a constant rate. The parental investment hypothesis suggest that this will lead to an involvement of the potential father in rearing the offspring. The absence of a peak in sexual activities also forces some behavior of other species to disappear. There is no longer an alpha male who has the sole right of sexual intercourse, just because he can't mate with all constantly. Lower ranking males also mate with females, who in turn become promiscuous.

Moreover, it will change the structure of the tribe, instead of mating with several females, with each one during her period, the male will focus on few or only one female leading to a family structure. Before counting was invented, a one-to-one relation between females and males ensured a balanced composition of a tribe, everything else is from an evolutionary view point not optimal. The obligate monogamy could secure high paternal investment in the offspring that matures in the community.An evolutionary advantage for the parents was the delayed sexual maturation observed in juveniles that remain in the family group. Having offspring that mature later reduced dilution of one owns genes.

Paternity certainty is reduced and therefore also the probability of infanticide. The rate of infanticide can reach as high as 63% in primates. This is much too high for humans with their high child rearing costs, therefore evolution selected traits that reduced infanticide. Moreover, more males will contribute to rearing offspring, even they might not be relatives.

The concealed ovulation yields in an increased importance of sex as a form of social bonding. Sex can be thought of as the ancient beginning of every social relationship we have today.  The role of the hormone oxytocin seems to support that theory, it is released when one gets horny. Being horny enables an adolescent youth to overcome the established barrier between genders.  And everybody remembers that not acting on these urges made us more and more horny. The released amount of the social hormone oxytocin increases until love makes us blind and we make fouls of our-self. This proves the power of the hormone oxytocin, which got exploited for establishing all kind of relationships. If there is a demand for establishing an emotional relationship with a person or even things like cars, some kind of horny-ness is involved. The usage of the word sexy visualizes that.

Little Chester seeking a new kingdom

The key to understand today's paedophile might lay in understanding what little Chester in ancient times had to do.

We all know from early childhood how much work was invested in us. Little Chester spends his first years totally dependent on his parents. His father went on the hunt with other men and faced predators out there. Also his mother could have died from child birth or other causes. Chesters precious sisters were privileged in a sense that females always were some kind of treasure. Her tasks were somewhat simpler, working along other women and imitating their work. Chester, however, would have to work in a team with other men. And teamwork demands an existing relationship. Hence, little Chester looked up to older Chesters for guidance. The original uncle Chester theory has this as a main point, gentle masturbation by the older Chester in exchange for support. Little John, who didn't worshiped the older one, was left alone and died soon.This is still visible today, little boys storm older ones, while little girls prefer to be left alone.

In case, father didn't came home, Chester had to look out for an alternative family. Joining the best friends family is a no-brainer. Children moving in with relatives or other families was much more common in recent times. Even today, children might feel unappreciated and have a strong urge to change family. Evolution might even have provided us with an instinct, which family to join. The kids must show health and the adults show interest in them.

Little Chester grew up and at one point he reached puberty. He could either stay in his family or leave in order to establish his own tribe.

Being part of the gang is crucial

Tribes in ancient times are precursors to today's gangs. Today's behavior can be explained with beneficial behavior in ancient tribes. Being part of the gang is of out-most importance to teenagers, since it once was programmed into our brains as a survival strategy. Being an outcast is a big no-no, which current parents usually do not understand. If it is required to commit to a degrading sexual motivated initiation ceremony, almost everybody will pay that price. Becoming a member gives the right to exercise the same demeaning treatment on new members. Also the gang provides protection and support with respect to several aspects.
Group beliefs are not questioned even if they are in conflict with authorities. Joining a gang is a kind of protest against the current social taboo separating the youth from adults.

Chester's companions

If Chester is not part of a tribe already, survival means to collect companions for his own tribe. Ancient Chester might have been dumb, but evolution is smart and selected those who chose right. Chester should have the best support, but still have the first choice when it comes to females. Hence, the obvious choice are boys just before puberty. Adolescent Chester strives through the landscape and lays his eyes on every boy he comes across. It is no coincidence that Chester prefers the same boys as modern paedophiles. Every scar is noted and good looks are a plus. Being bright is a big advantage and being fun is an extra. Ancient Chester had no law to break and could build his tribe.Being in charge is a powerful aphrodisiac and still produces boners in men. This is the signal missing in today's uncle Chester, now it is time for the next stage. Assembling his tribe didn't take much time, so Chester had just passed puberty. Today's uncle Chester's development is arrested at that point.

Becoming king and father

When Chester scored himself a queen, he is king and soon becomes father. Even though he is monogamous like every other men in his group, it does not prohibit fooling around. Mutual masturbation with his pages only made the social bonds stronger. Prince Chester, son of king Chester, has the support the faithful knights, his fathers younger friends. During that time, everybody lived in caves and attacks on the neighbors were common.That king Chester had younger lovers has an advantage for prince Chester. It seems that evolution itself preferred Chester to be paedophile.

Unfaithful wives and daughters in law

Concealed ovulation is an evil weapon in the hand of an unfaithful wife. Since men had to hunt for food they were absent quite often. Chastity belts are an invention of the middle ages, but our ancestors were smart. Surrounding the daughter in law with a careful selected group of handsome males made infidelity acceptable. If Chester does not have to carry out infanticide on suspected offspring of other males, the tribe only gets stronger and can more easily defend itself from other tribes. Since mankind has a big brain and much is learned, supporting traits trumped the importance of spreading own genes. Hence, it can be assumed that natural selection in humans is a bit more complicated than in other species. Uncle Chester's love for beautiful boys is still visible today.

Christianity and the masturbation hysteria

It is not by accident that the ancient Greek society was held together by sexual bonds. And sex was the means how to control a society in those days. The early Christian groups imposed sexual taboos on its members. They installed fear, like the Islamic State does today. The Lutheran church started another reign of sexual repression. Then came the quacksalver Tissot describing the dangerous effects of masturbation in his book L'Onanisme. Devices were constructed in order to save the boys from mental decay, acne and other evils. During that time, Germany came up with the law prohibiting adults from masturbating kids. It could be that this is the origin of our laws of sexual consent. Before that time the term child only meant a dependent younger human, while the word bastard described illegitimate offspring. Now it defines a period with lesser rights. And young Chester was no longer allowed to play with the objects of his desire.

Wall between proper adults and youths

Children are the new blacks, they are the property of their parents similar to women before emancipation. Like women, they are not able to think for themselves and are not equal before the law. Strangely enough, mothers are enforcing this social taboo, telling their children to be quiet in company of adults. Some of them even entangle their offspring in a net of guilt and shame, making them unable to break free.
Uncle Chester treats children as equals and is guilty of breaking this taboo. Since he treats them as equals, he is loved by them.

Being in a dysfunctional family triggers a gang seeking behavior. Many little criminals do have a sad family background. Other boys do not find a suitable gang and end up in trying to establish a tribe in the same way as ancient Chester did. But now laws are in place, demanding kids to be returned to their parents. Young Chester is forced by ancient programs and can not act accordingly. He sometimes does not know, why he is chasing younger boys. And the signal gets stronger and stronger. Ancient mechanism are tripped and a sexual attraction is the result. His longing after appropriate company will stay.Since he gets his punishment during puberty, his preferred company during these days burns into his brain.

The lost Chester and cognitive distortions

Little Chester had one task to fulfill, find a supportive community. This community has to invest in Chesters future. Little Chester has developed a keen sense for that. And there are many factors preventing him from completing his only task. A rigid family structure and laws effectively reducing children to property certainly are doing it.

Chester will try everything including joining a criminal gang, where he gets a feeling of being a valued member. If breaking out and opposing parental authority is not his thing, a completely different set of action is set into motion.

 If little Chester does not succeed, he is punished in several ways. He did not succeed becoming a member of his age peers. Adults didn't care. What is left? And of course, he can not live with a daily reminder of his failure. Therefore he will develop blind spots, which psychologist call cognitive distortions. He is not able to see the damaging effects his family has on him. Moreover, certain emotions become invisible, preventing him from taking the next step. Being a loner during puberty, he misses the train that would have brought him adult sexuality. Childish sex play is what he want and does not even get from an feminist woman. Cognitive distortions come along with inhibitions, this is the main reason why the are very few proper paedophiles among child molesters. Uncle Chester might be the most inhibited child lover on earth, not quite that monster that media likes to present to us. Losing control at the first sight of a helpless child is their invention and has no counterpart in reality.

The ability to develop cognitive distortions is and has been advantageous through time. It enables us to respect rules and obey social taboos. The forbidden toy paradigm is an excellent example. One group of children is told that they will severely punished if the play with the evil toy. The other group is only told of a minor punishment. After a while, both groups are allowed to play with that toy.  Only the group with the promised bigger punishments starts playing with it. The other one had to convince themselves that the toy is evil in order not to be tempted.

Grown up  Chester does not know, why he still is looking for boys. The unfulfilled task from childhood is still looming over his head and his preferences have burned themselves into his brain. He is still looking for healthy looking, interested and supportive boys as older knights for his future sons. And nothing makes it easier to access health than the boy evaluated being naked. Every scar is a minus and he must be intact with respect to the family jewels . And he must be bright and interested to join in. Abstinence turns his longing into a sexual arousal on all positive evaluated children. This is the way evolution has forced us to get into relationships. When uncle Chester enjoys the desired company, he often makes great efforts to groom his targets as would the young king Chester with his knights. This leaves uncle Chester confused, he is sexually aroused by children but loses all sexual drive when in company with them. In reality the task of sexual arousal was to get Chester into touch with his knights in order to build his tribe, not to screw them.

Current situation

The state wants its people to have fear. People, who have no fear, don't follow the state. Chasing and jailing uncle Chester makes so much sense that they nowadays send several police patrols to  an old suspected consumer of child pornography. They display a picture of force and commitment. And Germany takes over the Russian idea of Gulag, where paedophiles are to spend the rest of their lives. It makes them proud to show that they are doing everything to protect children in the greater area.

Still in 1994 the topic of masturbation caused the Surgeon General of the United States to resign. The age of consent is going to be harmonized among all countries. The old Christian doctrine based on crazy ideas about the evil of masturbation had to be replaced by something more reasonable and they came up with "informed consent". Imagine, the most controversial law on books is based on crazy Tissot. Soon we will discover that the term "informed consent" used in connection with sexuality is nothing more than bullshit. Moreover, the inventor of this term admitted that even 25-year olds often are not able to consent in that sense.

The wall between youth and adults is enforced, if all sexual activity with and among youth is forbidden. Childish sexual play, which by its nature does not require any consideration about consequences, is denied categorically.

Uncle Chester's legacy

The social structure in ancient Greece was not by accident. Many small islands created a very fractured society compared to Egypt. And they were at war all the time. Being Chester certainly had its advantages. First Rome with its empire set a stop to that. Having younger friends was a status symbol in ancient Greece and that continued as Bacha bazi in norther parts of Afghanistan. The combination of a man with one or several younger boys can be traced in most cultures all over the world.

Pretty children elicit a certain reaction in most adults, women and men. Watching the judges at every idol show being totally crazy about prepubescent boys confirms it. Uncle Chester himself gets triggered during childhood, when he feels uncomfortable in his family. Even being more than average emotional makes him feel unwelcome in his community. Searching for a new kingdom and collecting a group of younger knights is not possible nowadays. And Chester's development is stopped dead in its tracks. Now he is doomed to that tragic destiny and never becomes king.

Uncle Chester's punishment

There is a witch hunt going on. Jews are off-limits due to new found political correctness. Another group to hunt had to be found, since hunting a common enemy unites humans. Paedophiles are already depressed and mostly defenseless, hence they are the perfect victims. Since evidence for their child porn crime can not openly be presented, it also is the perfect crime to accuse somebody for.

There is a popular demand for punishing uncle Chester with death. Increasing prison sentences beyond any reason certainly goes into that direction. Germany confines offenders for life, while other countries making life after prison miserable or just impossible. Many are driven into suicide, which also became a research topic. How many of all male suicides are due to paedophilia is an open question. But uncle Chester is driven to suicides by the news every single day.

What punishment should uncle Chester get? He is already punished with paedophilia, which he alone can not handle. A punitive prison sentence is a very strong message to the convicted that he is not wanted in society. Little Chester already got the message that he is an outcast.

Preventing child sex abuse

There is a little thing called paradox, not every action will have the intended consequences. Sometime some actions backfire.When it comes to children, all backfire should be avoided.

Children have a limited understanding of the adult world, which they are eager to discover. What they need most, is to talk about everything with somebody else and get encouragement. They instinctively know, who will treat them with respect and show interest. Hence, it is no surprise that boy lovers are boy magnets and are constantly surrounded by boys.There are court cases where the child willingly entered into a sexual relationship since it meant to be accepted as an equal by an adult. This is highly sought after by children, for which they are willing to pay high prices.

There is an established law of social relationships, the one who need the relationship the most has the least amount of power. Just remember the childhood tragedies, where the beloved one would not recognize us and how powerless we felt. Sometimes the beloved one exercised his/her power and demanded demeaning tasks.

The consequence of this social law is that the child should have as many as possible meaningful relationships and the freedom to choose whom to live with. Hence, restricting the childrens access to people and discouraging adults to interact with children is harmful. All action aiming at appropriate behavior around children has made them feel unwanted. Children in the USA get very few hugs compared to European countries. The happiest children are at places where they are cuddled the most. The looming danger of being labeled a paedophile prevents many men from being nice to children. There is even the case of a major child abuse in a minor village in Europe, where a community failed to take care of children. They had nobody to turn to. A 10-year old boy starved to death in a western European country in summer 2015, because he was not welcome anywhere else. Leaving it to the child protecting service is not a good idea.

Open arms and open doors are needed.

Currently, child sex abuse is an official delict meaning the state takes over prosecution with the offended playing the victim role in the court. This means, once the officials get informed the case is on autopilot and the needs of the child are paid not attention to. This is often used by child molesters to keep the victim quiet. If the child has found someone, who satisfies its demands, it also is very protective of that one. The child is told, when it talks about the experience to somebody else, bad things will happen, and the child believes it. The child believes that telling somebody else will lead to a loss of the beloved one, since he or she is going to jail. Every child knows what it means to have no control of things and will avoid such a situation at all cost. Most child molestation happens in families, the sole context for the child it does not want to loose. In matters related to the child, the child should be listened to and its decision respected.

Little Chester would appreciate that and might not be affected by paedophilia.

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